Sunday , July 22 2018
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APCAA unveils 13-point agenda to facilitate customs agents countrywide

APCAA unveils 13-point agenda to facilitate customs agents countrywide

KARACHI: All Pakistan Customs Agents Association (APCAA) after getting the restoration order by the Sindh High Court (SHC) as a trade body has revealed its 13-point agenda to ensure facilitation to the customs agents countrywide.

The top most priorities included in the agenda of APCAA are: to bring all customs agents countrywide at a single platform with consensus in order to provide maximum facilitation and protection to the members by defining their roles. Hence all agents are requested to send feedback, complaints and problems as response for the guidance of the association.

To reframe the existing customs licensing rules where in the responsibility of the clearing agents are misleading and to put efforts to pull up the dignity of the clearing agents.

To reframe the existing transshipment and transit rules specially the responsibility of the customs bonded carriers/custom agents framed illogically which are not workable and against the Customs Act, 1969 and the Constitution of Pakistan.

To assist the FBR/Customs, as a trade body in the service sectors, for the improvement of the clearance of goods through customs, by developing a proper risk management system.

To make necessary representation for the improvement of WeBOC, its grey areas due to procedural lapses and incomplete development of the software resulting not only the revenue loss but hardships being faced by the trade.

To address terminals issues, irregularities causing delay in container grounding and examination of the consignments.

To address all issues pertaining to the shipping companies on equal footing, especially the container security amount its deposit and refund. The double handling charges are also to be addressed.

To continue efforts in the forwarding of goods through customs Export Sector; being the backbone of the country’s economy a flawless forwarding is to be focused.

An active committee to address the AFU issues especially with regards to go-down rent etc. The involvement of anti-corruption department harassing the clearing agents on non-issues need to be addressed. Mega scam of Afghan Transit had been badly mishandled and has severally damaged the clearing agents name and reputation. The association will put all its efforts to raise the issue as a trade body at all levels legally as well as politically to clear the community.

Issues pertaining to dry-ports are very vital and sensitive and clearing agent community has a different style of working there. The APCAA has a huge agenda to look after their issues and interest. Transactional value for the clearance of goods is the most important issue un-settled for long, although attempts are constantly being made on regular basis either by the department or by the trader/customs agents for the determination of the correct value. This issue is always on to the nerves and seems to be like a black-hole in the universe. The association is form to address this issue and would put all of its efforts to make it transparent and get rid of black mailing or harassment from Customs side.