Tuesday , January 22 2019
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APCAA prepares 20-point agenda for Customs dept improvement

KARACHI – All Pakistan Customs Agents Association (APCAA) has prepared a 20-point agenda for discussion with the Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Chief Collector (Appraisement) in order to improve the work of Customs Department.

The points of agenda are as follows:-

The APCAA has demanded introduction of methods in order to curb corruption from the department.

Removal of complications created due to the enhancement of Customs stations.

Introduction of hassle-free procedure to enroll the taxpayers in the department by providing them ID and password, as this process is affecting with corruption.

Amendments in the process of collecting Customs levy at National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Custom House Branch.

Induction of automation in WeBOC; as it is imperative to curb corruption and helps in elucidate the entire procedure.

Standing orders to be issued to restrict the declarant for mentioning proper description, weight, quantity and other information in the light of Customs tariff and valuation rulings, as the submission of inaccurate Goods Declarations (GDs) is continued with the connivance of Customs officials”, it recommended.

Hold of the procedure of filing self goods declaration by commercial sector, as it causes to sabotage the system.

The APCAA urges valuation ruling along with HS code in order to determine the exact value of duty and taxes besides facilitating goods declarants.

It recommends restricting assessment appraisers not to call unnecessary consignments for examination and conduct assessment in its true spirit, as assessment on excess valuation invites reviews that open the door for corruption.

Modification and improvement of the performance of FTA procedure, as the posts of FTA checking and scanning have become most lucrative position.

Secrecy in assessment hall, where sepoys are active to facilitate Appraisers in malpractice, as one can easily find CRN/Container Nos on phones of all officials and sepoys that prove no clearance without human interaction, tarnishing the concept of automation.

It further recommends appropriate action against corrupt Customs officials including assistant collectors, deputy collectors and additional collectors without any further delay.

Ask the Principal Appraisers (PAs) not to uphold the consignments, due to no contacts in cases if reviews.

Set a deadline for the officials to complete the reviews.

The APCAA recommends the Customs Department to adopt 24×7 policy in order to reduce clearance time, as there is no dearth of Appraisers and PAs.

Establishment of Service Center at Custom House in order to deal the issues related to Port Qasim on 24×7 basis.

Addressing the complaints related to containers grounding, goods for examination, lack of skilled labours and surveyors, adding that separate joint meetings should be convened with the terminals and terminals should be controlled by Pakistan Customs under the SRO.

It also recommends enrollment of several international lines, operating in Pakistan with Customs Department.

APCAA also demands withdrawal of Saturday, as public holiday in prevailing law and order situation of the city, as it creates excessive financial burden on traders in terms of high demurrage, container rent and etc.