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Anti-Smuggling Dept Faisalabad seized vehicles, goods worth Rs 112.5 million

Anti-Smuggling Dept Faisalabad seized vehicles, goods worth Rs 112.5 million


FAISALABAD: The Anti-Smuggling Department of MCC Faisalabad seized non-customs paid vehicles and goods worth Rs 112.5 million during the efficiency of August and September.

This is the good efficiency of Anti-Smuggling Department under the supervision of Collector Tausif Ahmad Qureshi, said a source.

According to the official data, revealed by the source, in August, the department seized eight vehicles worth Rs 12.7 million which included Toyota Corolla worth Rs 1.5 million, Toyota Fielder worth Rs 1.6 million, Toyota Corolla X worth Rs 1.2 million, Toyota Corolla DX worth Rs 1.6 million, Toyota worth 1.6 million, Toyota Mark-II worth Rs 0.8 million and Ranger Truck plus auto parts and Mazda Truck value Rs 23.2 million. The value of seized goods in August is Rs 43.5 million.

According to the official details, truck worth Rs 26.7 million, cloth and LED TV value Rs 4.6 million, button carrier truck weight 4,650 kg and value Rs 2.1 million, mobil oil carrier truck, 24000 litres and value Rs 10.1 million, cloth and bicycle parts worth Rs 0.4 million, auto parts worth Rs 0.8, tyres value Rs 235,000, generators and carrier truck worth Rs 2 million, valves, artificial leather bags and carrier truck worth Rs 3.9 million and black tea worth Rs 0.4 million.

In September, the department seized nine vehicles worth Rs 27.9 million. The vevicles included Toyota Land Cruiser ZX, V8, model 2014 worth Rs 17 million, two Toyota fielder cars worth Rs 2.6 million, two Toyota Vitz cars value Rs 1.2 million, Toyota Crown car Rs 1.5 million, Toyota Corolla Car value Rs 1 million, Toyota Hilux Surf value Rs 1.6 million and Toyota Land Cruiser VX, value Rs 3 million.

The goods seized in September valued Rs 41.2 million in which ceramic tiles worth Rs 5.5 million, bitumen value Rs 3.5 million, 10,400 litres of motor oil worth Rs 2 million, plastic bags weight 25,730 kg and value Rs 6.5 million, compressors, AC/gear motors value Rs 6 million, pulses value Rs 3.5 million, cloth and used machinery value Rs 3.8 million, tyres, tubes and rims value Rs 5 million; auto parts value Rs 2 million; cigarettes value Rs 1.2 million, black tea 2,128 kg and value Rs 0.7 million; art silk cloth value Rs 0.5 million, cloth value Rs 0.5 million; black tea, steel nails and auto parts worth Rs 80,000; and 580 litre of motor oil worth Rs 80,000.

Collector Tausif Ahmad Qureshi told Custom Today, “        In September we have seized the smuggled goods and cars worth Rs 69.1 million.” He added that in the same period of 2013, the MCC Faisalabad had seized goods and vehicles worth Rs 37.1 million.

“I am very pleased with the good performance of MCC Faisalabad officials. After getting charge in mid-July as collector at MCC Faisalabad I expedited my work and asked the relevant departments that I want maximum results against smuggling activities and now I am satisfied with their performance.”

He added that the campaign against smuggling was going pretty well. He added, “We not only competed the target but also became successful against the smuggling activities in the region.”