Saturday , May 25 2019
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ANF seizes 447.51kg drugs in 26 operations

ANF seizes 447.51kg drugs in 26 operations

RAWALPINDI: In continuation to its execution of zero-tolerance against narcotics, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) has seized 447.51 kg tons narcotics valuing Rs 1.06 billion in the international market in 26 counter-narcotics strikes conducted throughout the country and arrested 43 persons including three foreigners involved in drug smuggling.

According to ANF spokesman, the Force also impounded 14 vehicles and seized drugs comprising 227.71 kg Hashish, 173.15 kg Opium, 33.37 kg Heroin, five kg Amphetamine, 6.41 kg Methamphetamine and 1.87 kg Cocaine.

In intelligence-based operations conducted in different areas, ANF Quetta recovered three kg Hashish, 500 grams methamphetamine (ICE), 360 grams methamphetamine (ICE), 3.4 kg opium, four kg hashish, 4.2 kg hashish, 450 grams opium and 150 grams heroin and arrested eight persons namely Sayed Khan, Fazalullah, Abdul Rahim, Hikmat Ullah, Khadim Hussian, Aamir, Ali Nawaz, and Zaheer Muhammad.

ANF Rawalpindi carried out operations in its jurisdiction and recovered two kg heroin, eight kg hashish, 1.02 kg heroin and netted five accused, Aman Ahmed, Sheraz Zaroob, Bakhmeen Khan, Nishad Bibi, and Sultan Ayaz.

ANF Rawalpindi also arrested a Nigerian National Desmond Nduka Nnaja from Islamabad International Airport on suspicion of ingested narco capsules and recovered 63 capsules. Five Cocaine filled capsules, weighing 880 grams were also recovered from undergarments of arrested accused.

ANF Lahore seized five kg heroin, three kg hashish, 10 kg heroin, 25.4 kg hashish, 2.1 kg hashish, 36 kg opium, 48 kg hashish, five kg hashish, 4.5 kg hashish, 500 grams opium, two kg heroin, five kg amphetamine, two kg heroin in operations conducted in different areas and rounded up 15 drug peddlers, Muhammad Ramzan, Muhammad Saeed, Ejaz Ahmed, Muhammad Nawaz, Yasir Mehmood, Aman Ullah, Imran Ali, Noman, Muhammad Shoaib, Muhammad Bilal, Nasir Khan, Salim Khan, Imtiaz Ahmed, Ghulam Nabi and Muhammad Hussain.

In fifth operation, ANF Lahore arrested a Nigerian National Uche Amaoge from Faisalabad International Airport and recovered 11.2 kg Heroin which was tactfully concealed in his bag.

In another operation, ANF Lahore arrested a Nigerian National Friday Richard Nwigwe from Faisalabad International Airport and recovered 990 grams Cocaine from his stomach.

ANF Peshawar also seized 37.2 kg Hashish, 81.6 kg Opium, 79.2 kg hashish, 49.2 kg opium, 1.040 kg

methamphetamine, two kg hashish from the possession of Muhammad Hamza, Junaid, Mukhtar Ahmed, Umar Hayat, Asim and Hafeez ur Rehman arrested in separate operations.

ANF Karachi arrested Zohaib Khan, Ali Sher, Altaf and his wife, Nasreen, Shah Nawaz and Talib Ali on the recovery of 4.51 kg Methamphetamine, two kg opium and 2.11 kg Hashish.

All cases have been registered at respective ANF Police Stations under CNS Act 1997 and further investigations are underway.