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An eye on excellent performance of NAB

An eye on excellent performance of NAB

ISLAMABAD: Corruption is mother of all evils which has become voice of the whole nation today who wanted to eliminate corruption from country with iron hands. Chairman National  Accountability Bureau (NAB) Justice (R) Mr. Javed Iqbal devised an effective three pronged anti-corruption strategy of awareness, prevention and enforcement immediately after assumption of his responsibilities as chairman NAB which was acknowledged as the most effective anti corruption strategy devised ever.

Chairman NAB has transformed NAB as an vibrant organisation after taking various initiatives and implementing numerous reforms in NAB, virtually making it Pakistan’s apex anti corruption organisation who is actively pursuing the cause of eliminating corruption in order to nab corrupt elements. Chairman NAB considers elimination of corruption as his top most priority. His policy is ‘Accountability for All’  that too sans caring about any duress. The NAB under the leadership of chairman NAB has recovered record Rs 326 billion from corrupt elements after completing legal formalities and deposited in national exchequer and not a single penny is received by any officer of NAB.

NAB has firm resolve of eliminating the menace of corruption from the country as per law. Priority is being given to take back looted money after logical conclusion of mega corruption cases.NAB has redoubled its efforts to deposit the looted money into national exchequer. Excellent results of NAB’s awareness, prevention and enforcement policy have already started pouring in as prestigious national and international institutions including Transparency International, Pildat, Mashal Pakistan and International Economic Forum  lauded NAB’s corruption elimination efforts.

According to Gillani and Gallop Survey 59 percent people expressed confidence over NAB as the bureau believes in ensuring self accountability, transparency and implementation over law. Chairman NAB has made registration of complaint process very easy. He himself listens the complaints of aggrieved people on every last Thursday of every month. The chairman NAB has addressed over 3,000 complaints after personally listening from the people in his office. This increased peoples’ confidence over the bureau. The bureau had received 44,315 complaints last year which were double as comparing to last year. As many as 600 persons were arrested by NAB, whereas 590 corruption references has been been filed in various accountability courts during the present management of NAB which is a record achievement. Furthermore 1210 corruption references having looted amount of Rs 900 billion also under trial in different accountability courts. The conviction ratio of culprits by NAB is 70 percent which is proof of excellent performance of NAB.

Bureaucracy is the back bone of any country. Honourable Justice Javed Iqbal Chairman NAB had already performed duties in various institutions and he is quite well versed with the issues of the bureaucracy. NAB believes in ensuring the self respect of everybody including bureaucracy and believes in resolving their issues in accordance with constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. NAB believes that a person is innocent unless proved guilty.

Business community always play important role in the development and progress of a country. NAB acknowledges the key role of business community in progress and prosperity of the country. NAB has established a separate complaint cell headed by a Director. Complaint cells have also been established in all regional bureaus of NAB under the supervision of concerned DG’s of NAB to ensure resolution of the complaints of business community timely.

NAB has introduced reforms in its operation and prosecution divisions where investigation officers id being trained to enhance their capabilities to investigate white collar crimes on modern lines. The positive results of NAB’s combined investigation team (CIT) system have also started pouring in. Nobody could influence the investigations of NAB due to introduction of CIT. The NAB has also established a state of the art forensic laboratory in  NAB Rawalpindi to improve quality of investigations. This is definitely helping in concluding the cases of corruption and their quality have much improved.

NAB was the first organisation which has signed a memorandum of understanding with China to cooperate against corruption. Furthermore Pakistan and China will also cooperate to eliminate any corruption in CPEC projects. This will help in increasing bilateral cooperation between the two countries on anti corruption.

NAB has also arranged a SAARC Seminar which was participated by all member countries of SAARC and praised NAB’s efforts of anti corruption. NAB has become role model in this regard. NAB is also chairman of anti corruption forum of SAARC which is important success of the country. NAB starts action on complaints of people and also Proceed against person responsible of fake complaints.

NAB is taking strict action against illegal housing societies as per law. NAB has returned life earned looted money from housing societies and returned it to thousands of affectees of illegal housing societies. NAB has conducted indiscriminate actions against corrupt elements which has increased confidence of NAB. NAB under the dynamic leadership of Justice (R) Javed Iqbal strongly believes and committed to make Pakistan corruption free through its effective accountability for all” policy.