Friday , March 22 2019
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AFU exported two consignments worth $50m: Deputy Collector Salehia Zakir

AFU exported two consignments worth $50m: Deputy Collector Salehia Zakir

ISLAMABAD: The Customs Air Freight Unit (AFU) for the first time exported two 40 feet containers loaded with sports goods, leather and surgical goods worth $50 million.

Deputy Collector Export Salehia Zakir while exclusively talking with Customs Today said that she is pleased to disclose that just before one day of Eidul Fitr the AFU exported a huge consignment in value of $50 million to different European countries.

She said that Additional Collector Exports Naveed Ather and she herself visited the sheds to review arrangements by GHA (Ground Handing Agencies) to ensure that all exports were properly examined so that no compromise was made in any procedure or regulation.

She told that due to such special arrangements by AFU no shipment was delayed despite the heavy work load.  Ms. Zakir said that AFU is becoming popular exporting station due to enhanced exports.

Salehia Zakir said that by managing such huge and unprecedented amount of exports and without any delay or procedural or legal compromises, export section at AFU has proved that it is set to make this station most preferable by exporters countrywide.

Answering to a query she said that the Customs Exports section did not receive any export consignment of mangoes during this season due to restrictions imposed by European Union.

She added that “Our mango grower uses chemicals to ripple mangoes against policy of the European Union (EU), so our mango growers must adopt new and modern technology so mangoes can be exported to European countries.”

Talking about rebate refund claims, the deputy collector said that she believed in ‘first come first take’ procedure, and “we do not prefer huge or known export companies to provide rebate refund claims earlier than others, so who comes first his case of claim is entertained first. All the exporters are treated equally to entertain their claims of rebate refunds.”

Answering a question regarding Red Channel she said that all the export consignments are examined in Red Channel because “we don’t want to make any mistake regarding exported goods, so customs staff at AFU exports section thoroughly checks all consignments before departure, we have adopted error-proof checking process for export consignments.”