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‘AFU Exports Section achieves extra growth as Pak goods getting space in int’l markets’

‘AFU Exports Section achieves extra growth as Pak goods getting space in int’l markets’

ISLAMABAD: The Exports Section of the Air Freight Unit (AFU) Islamabad has got an extra growth volume in exports during 15 days of July Financial Year 2017-18 against the same period of corresponding period FY2016-17. The Customs Export Cell earned the business of exports valued Rs355.71million during the initials 15 days (1st July to 15th of July FY17-18).

This was stated by Assistant Collector AFU Exports, Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Islamabad, Tahir Khattak while giving an exclusive interview to Customs Today.

He said the Exports Section showed better performance than last financial years. During the Financial Year 2016-17, the growth volume of exports increased by Rs17.67million against FY2015-16.

He told CT that during Financial Year 2016-17 the Exports Section earned Rs26771.06million from the exports, which is satisfactory against the corresponding financial periods.

It is usual figures as they showed that export goods are getting space in the international markets. He further said the Air Fruit Unit showed extraordinary performance for exports of Pakistani goods during FY16-17 as the AFU had earned Rs22750.45million during FY15-16.

He said the seasonal mango exports are going on with a better performance against the corresponding periods before 2013. The exports of surgical industry are also growing day by day. He added that the animal surgical instruments for manicure and pedicure are getting popular in the international markets. The local surgical instruments are being exported to European and Middle east countries and meat, sports goods and leather items are also getting good space in the global markets.

Tahir said the Exports Section of the AFU Islamabad have paid duty drawback of Rs4.6million to exporters of Sialkot, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Lahore during FY16-17. He maintained that the government makes easy policies for export business so a layman can adopt a local export business. He appreciated the government for a good move by giving a subsidy of 6% to the exporters who send 10% more experts against the corresponding financial year which is really a big attraction for exporters.

Regarding the E-form, he said the government should simplify the policy for the E-form adding that In Pakistan E-form stands for Export Form which is issued by the bank at the time of export to the client. It’s a declaration that this export is being processed against the foreign exchange; either it has arrived in the exporting country or is contracted to arrive after the shipment maturity. E-form is issued to the shipper from his dealing bank and the bank also provides him with the following supporting documents to obtain bill of lading from the shipping carriers. Normally, the payment is released to the shipper or exporter when the Bill of Lading or Airway Bill is issued for the goods being exported.

He said the State Bank of Pakistan can simplify the E-form as the way that small exporters can get foreign dollars and pounds from the local market and pay the difference of rate and then do the business of exports to foreign countries so that the quantum of exports could increase.