Tuesday , July 17 2018
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Afghanistan-Azerbaijan trade ties improving: ACCI

Afghanistan-Azerbaijan trade ties improving: ACCI


KABUL: Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) has said that the trade relations between Afghanistan and Azerbaijan have improved in the past two years.

The ACCI suggests that the Afghan government should use the chance in its favor and send more Afghan goods to European countries.

The annual trade volume between Afghanistan and Azerbaijan is at least $14 million USD, the ACCI said.

The ACCI spokesman Siyam Psarlai said Azerbaijan route will enable Afghanistan to send its goods to European markets.

“We are using the strategic location of Azerbaijan. We transit our goods from Azerbaijan and we send them to Turkey and other countries,” he said.

Economic affairs analysts said the Afghan government needs to improve its trade relations with neighboring and Central Asian countries by implementing clear policies.

“Before starting trade relations with a country , strategic studies should be done. The weak points and the strong points as well as opportunities and challenges should be assessed by the government when it comes to trade ties with other countries,” said Abdul Wase Haidari, an analyst.

This comes after the ACCI officials said this week that Afghanistan imports the bigger percentage of its goods through three of Iran’s ports.

According to the ACCI, Afghanistan imports goods worth $1.5 billion USD every year through Bandar Abbas, Imam Khumaini and Chabahar ports in Iran.

Chabahar port is closer to Afghanistan compared to the other two ports. However, ACCI spokesman Siyam Psarlai said less trade is done through Chabahar port due to the lack of facilities.