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Additional Collector Saeed Asad issues ONO in favour of ASO

Additional Collector Saeed Asad issues ONO in favour of ASO

FAISALABAD: The Customs Adjudication Additional Collector Saeed Asad has issued Order in Original (ONO) against the accused person Zafar Iqbal son of Muhammad Iqbal Munshi of M/s Pak International Goods Transport and Muhammad Amin (owner) of smuggled items.

As per the details, Customs I&I Superintendent Saleem Ullah intercepted trailer no: P-2729 near Jhang Road and recovers old and used auto parts including radiator fan, AC blower, wiper motor for LTV, complete door for car, fuel left pump, auto steering box for car, head light for car etc and asked owner to produce documents.

He produced bilty No. 1189 dated 04-02-2017 (consignor and consignee Bilal) and also showed copy of GD No. KAPE-HC-98884 and informed that he got cleared the machinery items from Customs Appraisement Karachi vide GD referred and he has sold most of goods in local market of Karachi.

The produced GD was thoroughly examined and compared with the GD and recovered goods. Therefore, there exist reasonable belief that the imported goods have been got cleared by evading payment of leviable duty taxes by making mis-declaration. Later, the case was sent to the Customs Adjudication for further legal action.

Whereas, Muhammad Amin owner appeared as the respondent have shown their willingness to pay duty taxes on the seizes good which amount to confiscation. Hence it is proved that seizes good are cleared on less weight, quantity, description as such the charge framed in the seizure report stand established.

Therefore, additional collector adjudication Muhammad Saeed Asad order for confiscation of seizes goods in favour of federal government under section 156(1)14 of the Customs Act 1969. However, taking a lenient view an option is given to owner of goods under section 181 of the Customs Act 1969 to redeem the auto parts in lieu of confiscation of differential amount of duty taxes on the goods plus redemption fine of 35% of the custom differential value of the goods to be appraised by Customs Collectorate Faisalabad under custom rules and regulations.

It is also ordered to be lump sum fine Rs15,000 on carrier vehicle according to customs law and issued ONO  No 11/2017.