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ADC Asma issues notice to owner of NDP Toyota Corolla

ADC Asma issues notice to owner of NDP Toyota Corolla

FAISALABAD: Customs Adjudication Additional Collector Asma Hameed issued a show cause notice to owner of a non-duty paid Toyota Corolla car which was brought into the country without payment of taxes.

As per details, Faisalabad Customs Intelligence and Investigation intercepted a Toyota Corolla car bearing registration no. FDX-947 (Islamabad) near Faisalabad Dry Port Jhumra Road.

The team asked the owner of the vehicle who introduced himself as Amjad Latif to show documents regarding legal import of the vehicle but he could not produce the same. Therefore, the officials impounded the vehicle under customs laws and forwarded the case to the Customs Adjudication for further legal action.

Now, Additional Collector Asma Hameed issued notice to the accused person on the violation of Section 10-A 89(1) and 156(1) of the Customs Act 1969 and Act 1950 punishable under Section 156(1)89 of the Custom Act 1969.

However, the adjudication has directed the accused to file reply on next date of hearing i.e. 7th August 2018. The seizing agency has also been directed to file reply in the respective case.

The notice states Hearing date of in this case has been fixed. The respondent may appear in person or through his accredited representative before the undersigned at the office.

The adjudication authority also directed Customs Intelligence Deputy Director Rana Irfan Shouqat to attend the hearing on schedule date along with relevant record.