Thursday , July 19 2018
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AB Customs Islamabad collects more revenue than last Financial Year

AB Customs Islamabad collects more revenue than last Financial Year

ISLAMABAD: The Customs Islamabad Airport Accompanied Baggage (AB) section generated additional revenue of Rs940000 of duties and taxes applied on baggage during the month of July Financial Year FY2017-18 against the same period of corresponding July FY16-17.

According to details explained by Sadia Usman, Assistant Collector, Customs AB Section at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad, that AB received surplus revenue of Rs3.02million during July FY17-18 against the collection of Rs2.08million of all duties and taxes in most recent July FY16-17. Until today AB has not allocated any revenue collection target for current financial year including July FY17-18.
Sadia Usman has given such details while talking with Customs Today during an exclusive Interview.

She told Ct that the performance of the AB has been good during July FY2017-18. She further said that, during said period, the AB seized 242 contraband bottles of liquor worth Rs0.484million while AB did 68 android mobile phones of different companies valued at Rs0.472million during July FY2017-18.
She added that the AB also showed a remarkable performance for the duration of last financial year 2016-17 with a surplus earning of Rs3.49million against the assigned target for FY2016-17.

Giving details of previous period, she said the AB was assigned Rs27.68million of revenue target for FY16-17 whereas it did Rs31.17million during FY2015-16 against the allocated revenue target.
Explaining details of FY2016-17, she informed CT that, during FY2016-17, the AB seized three cases of heroin smuggling worth Rs220.50million while it did three cases of foreign currencies priced Rs22.09million. Further giving details of confiscated currencies, he added that the currencies include 485,800 Saudi Riyals (SR), 49,500 Qatari Riyals, 6,000 UK Pounds and 6,000 Euros. The total value of the seized foreign currencies is Rs22.90million.
During FY2016-17, the AB impounded 24 cases of mobile phones priced at Rs53.40million whereas it confiscated two cases of gold smuggling valued at Rs4.86million. During June FY2016-17, about Rs3.065million was earned while the AB did Rs2.24million of revenue during May FY2016-17.
Sadia Usman, Assistant Collector AB, further told CT that, during the month of April FY2016-17, the AB received Rs2.82million while it did revenue of Rs2.92million during the month of March FY2016-17.
During the month of February FY2016-17, the AB generated Rs2.81million of revenue on Accompanied Baggage. During January FY16-17, the AB collected Rs2.56million.
Sadia explained that, during the month of December FY2016-17, the AB earned Rs2.67million while it did Rs1.98million of revenue during the month of November 2016-17.
She yet further said that, during the month of October FY16-17, the AB got Rs1.908 million of revenue and it did Rs3.02million during the month of September FY16-17.
Assistant Collector yet further told CT that, during the month of August FY16-17, the AB received Rs2.46million of revenue while it did Rs2.68million of revenue during the month of July FY16-17.
She informed CT that the AB surpassed the revenue collection during July 17-18 against the same period of corresponding July FY2016-17 because of the guidance of Collector Model Customs Collectorate Islamabad.