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Sialkot & Bolingbrook officially declared the sister cities

Sialkot & Bolingbrook officially declared the sister cities

SIALKOT, Nov 16: – The Police Commissioner of Bolingbrook-Chicago city Talat Rasheed has pledged to make all out sincere efforts at every level to promote the positive and soft image of Sialkot globally, saying that the Sialkot has the big name in the international community because of its industrial and export significance.

He stated this while addressing an important meeting of Sialkot exporters held at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) here today. SCCI President Zahid Latif Malik presided over the meeting. While, SCCI SVP Abdul Waheed, Vice President Abid Ahmed Khawaja ,Waqas Akram Awan and Mayor of Sialkot Municipal Corporation Ch. Tauheed Akhtar also attended this meeting.

On this occasion, the meeting was told that the Sialkot-Punjab and Bolingbrook-Chicago have already been declared as the “sister cities” by the local governments. Mr. Talat Rasheed, at present serving as Police Commissioner Bolingbrook had taken this initiative and played a pivotal role in getting declared both Sialkot and Bolingbrook as the sister cities as well.

Talat Rasheed(Police Commissioner Bolingbrook) said that the status of the “sister cities” would help a lot to  promote the bilateral cultural, social  and industrial  activities, besides, establishing the strong Business-to-Business and People-to-People contacts between the businessmen  and the people of Sialkot-Punjab and Bolingbrook-Chicago.

He said that the status “sister cities” would also help to provide the same advanced municipal facilities to the local people at local level.

He said that the easy access of the Sialkot exporters would also be ensured to the international trade markets  as well.

Earlier, President Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) Zahid Latif Malik and Mayor of Sialkot Ch. Tauheed Akhtar accorded warm welcome to Mr. Talat Rasheed (Police Commissioner of Bolingbrook) upon his arrival at Sialkot here.

Talat Rasheed also visited several leading industrial units in Sialkot. He witnessed the different processes of production of the sports goods and surgical instruments. He also highly hailed the unique export culture of Sialkot and Sialkot’s socio-economic and human development by Sialkot exporters on self help basis.

He said that there was no doubt to say that the Sialkot exporters have the great potential to explore and capture the international trade markets by exporting their world class traditional and non-traditional export products.

In 2016, the Punjab and Chicago governments had declared the official status of “sister cities” for Sialkot  and Bolingbrook, besides, naming after the local roads eachother (one each in Sialkot and Bolingbrook).

SCCI Vice President Abid Ahmed Khawaja said that now the “sister city relationship” is being established between Sialkot and Bolingbrook following their global industrial significance.

He added that a street/road in Bolingbrook-USA would soon be named as “Sialkot Street” while a road in Sialkot-Pakistan has been named as “Bolingbrook Road”.

SCCI President  Zahid Latif Malik added that a special Sister City Relationship Agreement signing ceremony was recently held at the Pakistani Embassy in USA.

Mayor of Sialkot Ch. Tauheed Akhtar revealed that the sister city status to Sialkot and Bolingbrook would help a lot in jazzing up the pace of bilateral trade and industrial activities, besides, opening the new vistas of socio-economic and human development in both of these industrial cities as well…#