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5 arrested for smuggling, promoting drugs in UAE Amira Agarib

5 arrested for smuggling, promoting drugs in UAE Amira Agarib

DUBAI: Five Asians were arrested by the anti-narcotic department of the Dubai Police for smuggling and promoting drugs among residents.

Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, assistant commander-in-chief of the Dubai Police for criminal investigation affairs, explained that the five defendants were arrested after the police received information about the drugs.

A team was formed in coordination with the Sharjah Police anti-narcotics department and two of the five men were arrested in an ambush at a residence in Sharjah suburbs. During the search, the police found that the defendants had hid the drugs under a bed. The team seized the three medium-sized bags containing over 15kg of heroin and 2.6kg of crystal anesthetic.

After the first and second defendants were brought to the anti-narcotic department of the Dubai Police, they identified a third suspect and nabbed him from Al Musaffah area in Abu Dhabi. The arrest took place near his residence in coordination with the Abu Dhabi Police.

One of the gang members said that they had links to a drug trafficker in their homeland and he sent the drugs in their possession.

The first defendant confessed that he had given a quantity of the drug to a person for the purpose of smuggling it out of the country. The anti-narcotic team of the Dubai Police immediately moved to the place in the Dubai Industrial City and arrested the fourth defendant. He said that he handed over the drug to a fifth suspect for the purpose of smuggling them outside the country. The police team moved again to the whereabouts of the fifth defendant and arrested him in the same area.

Maj-Gen Al Mansouri said both defendants were brought to the Dubai Police anti-narcotic department after seizing bags containing drugs from the truck of the fifth defendant. A total of 7.4kg of crystal doped and 2.4 kg of heroin was found in the vehicle.

Maj-Gen Al Mansouri said the five defendants were referred to the competent judicial authorities to take the necessary legal action and were charged with different illegal activities. He thanked the anti-narcotics departments of the Sharjah and Abu Dhabi for their cooperation with the Dubai Police team. He praised the efforts of all those who participated in the success of the operation. An amount of 17.4kg of heroin and 9.475kg of crystal anesthetic known as shepo were seized.

Maj-Gen Al Mansouri called on parents to monitor their children from falling into the clutches of drug dealers and promoters of drugs. “In the event of suspicious conduct or action in this regard they should inform the police authorities,” he said