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HTVs & LTVs worth $3.6m abandoned at IDP due to filing of IGM after July 1, 2017

HTVs & LTVs worth $3.6m abandoned at IDP due to filing of IGM after July 1, 2017

ISLAMABAD: The amount of $3.6million valued front cabin half-cut HTVs and LTVs and cars with or without chassis numbers are dumped at the Islamabad Dry Port (IDP) because of filing the Import General Manifest (IGM) after July 1, 2017 when new policy of ban on import of half-cut cabins was announced during the annual Budget FY2017-18.

Wajid Zaman, Deputy Collector, Islamabad Dry Port (IDP) told Customs Today that approximately 30 containers, comprising four half-cut cabins in each container, still stand since a long time here at the IDP Islamabad. He added that importers of old and new spare parts have filed a complaint to the Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) Islamabad to release those front half-cut vehicles whose IGMs (Import General Manifests) were entered after the announcement of new import policy FY2017-18. Wajid told CT that a huge amount of duties and taxes of around 35% against the total value of goods can be added to national exchequer through release of said half-cut vehicles.
It was told that the same complaint against old spare parts was filed during the start of the current FY17-18 by the FTO which was sent to the Secretary Revenue Division and the Collector of Customs MCC Islamabad for comments as required under Section 10(4) of the FTO Ordinance. The Collector of that time concluded that the impounded consignments may be ordered to be released forthwith in the judgment referred to above and as per law.
The FTO wrote in his judgment that consignments were held at the port since 01.07.2017 and, apart from congestion at the port area, the importers are suffering due to non-release of their duty paid consignments. The matter should be decided by the Collector much earlier after obtaining the clarification from the FBR in the light of the judgment of the superior courts in this regard.
The FTO finds that inordinate delay on the part of the department in release of duty and taxes of consignments imported by the complainant prior to 01.07.2017 despite Lahore High Court judgment in W.P No 55114/2017 is tantamount to maladministration under Section 2(3) (a) of the FTO Ordinance. The FTO ordered the FBR to direct the Collector of Customs to immediately release the impugned consignments of the complainant as per law. In that way, the half-cut front cabins were released by the order of the FTO.
Under the light of above said details of the issue, Deputy Collector IDP is optimistic that the matter will solve soon under the guidance of the FTO and FBR.