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15 smartphones to hit shelves in 2015

15 smartphones to hit shelves in 2015

NEW YORK: Smartphone juggernaut keeps rolling in full glory. Phone looked like walkie-talkies and weighed like a unit when we are past the days and feature phones do not exist in generation. And for the industry with a bright future expect more new innovation in the pipeline. At the same time as there are a crowd of smartphone creators in the market with a number of devices expected at breaking the barrier in technology, this surely isn’t the last time we will see hefty innovations being made in the handsets in the sector.

Top 15 New Smart phones now Available with Hot Exchange Offer 2014 has anyway been a brilliant year in terms of Smartphone releases. We have seen the likes of HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z3 and the Apple-made iPhone 6 hit the ground running. And although it’s the end of the year, we are still far away from the smart phone juggernaut offering more handsets. The coming year is also set to be one of the massive ones in terms of handset releases. We will get to see more new Nexus smart phones and tablets, new Samsung handsets, and obviously a fresh new iPhone. And the list just keeps growing.