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1 million mummified bodies found in Egypt

1 million mummified bodies found in Egypt

FAIYUM: The Archaeologists recently exposed a huge burial site in Egypt. They believe that more than one million bodies all mummified. Where they all mummies came from its a little secrecy.

“We are fairly certain we have over a million burials within this cemetery. It’s large, and it’s dense,” explains project director Kerry Muhlestein. The Brigham Young University Department of Ancient Scripture associate professor goes on to describe that while these bodies were mummified, this massive graveyard contained mummies that were not like those you would find in a tomb. He said “I don’t think you would term what happens to these burials as true mummifications. If we want to use the term loosely, then they were mummified.”

Basically he discusses that these bodies were of much lower stature in the community. Still, despite their relative poverty, they were buried with some notably pretty things like glass or linens. Muhlestein continues, “A lot of their wealth, as little as they had, was poured into these burials.”

One of the most notable discoveries in the massive grave was the body of a mummified child. It was wrapped in a tunic and had two bracelets on each arm, as well as a necklace.

The researchers commented “There was some evidence that they tried much of the full mummification process. The toes and toenails and brain and tongue were amazingly preserved. The jewelry makes us think it was a girl, but we cannot tell.”

The researchers estimate that the baby was maybe 18-months old at the time of death. “She was buried with great care, as someone who obviously loved her very much did all they could to take care of this little girl in burial. [It’s] very sad, but they succeeded. It was a beautiful burial.”